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Accessories & spare parts

Copter accessories & spare parts
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Which DJI drone is compatible with which remote control?

The world of drones has evolved rapidly in recent years, and DJI is undoubtedly one of the leading manufacturers in the field. An important consideration when choosing a DJI drone is compatibility with the right remote control.

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Accessories and spare parts for copters

Any photographic device only makes sense if it is easy to operate, easy to transport and if the right spare parts are quickly available in the event of damage. This is particularly the case with drones. They must be fully functional in order to take to the skies successfully. Foto Koch has a lot of experience with drones and can not only provide the right spare parts, but also offers practical accessories that can make the use of copters considerably easier and also increase the fun factor. Accessories are offered by all drone manufacturers. For example DJI and Yuneec but also Parrot offer special accessories that are precisely tailored to their models. These include practical replacement batteries with matching chargers, filters for camera lenses and gimbals that enable particularly shake-free filming. Replacement propellers are needed if the first attempts at flying were not successful or minor damage occurred during transportation. The original spare parts can be fitted quickly and easily so that you can take off again quickly. Of course, accessories for drones also include suitable bags or backpacks, which make transportation easy even on rough terrain and protect the delicate aircraft at all times. Spare parts and accessories for drones are particularly interesting when there are special challenges when filming or photographing from the air. Thanks to its extensive know-how, Foto Koch can quickly procure the right spare parts or special accessories for drones so that the copter can be quickly modified individually, for example with a special camera mount. Thanks to the well thought-out and simple design of modern drones, even a layman can get to grips with their aircraft and quickly make it airworthy again with the right spare parts. With the accessories tailored to the drone, you can transport the drone in such a way that it is not damaged and is quickly ready for use on site.