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Capture One 22 Foto Koch

Capture One - the new model

Capture One launches a new 'release when ready' model!

Capture One is always optimizing the features and usability of their models and versions. For this reason, they have now launched a new 'release when ready' model that allows you to get the latest improvements right away. You can find all the important new features in the following article.

Release when ready model - this is new

  • get new features and enhancements directly at release

  • Service upgrades with bug fixes and optimizations are free (until the next paid version)

  • for new features and functions you have to buy a new license

  • for Capture One 22 and older: the new license can be used on the existing version

  • Licenses purchased before February 14 will receive feature and service upgrades until 09/30/2023

After February 14, 2023, new perpetual licenses will no longer include feature updates (16.x).

This means that any updates that include new features and functionality will no longer be included in your license. However, bug fixes and optimizations are included (16.x.x) until a new paid version is released (16.x).
Since you always have access to the latest version with a subscription, subscribers are also not affected by these changes.

All information

Our recommendation for the change:


Capture One 23 Pro Camera Bundle

Buy Capture One Pro 23 software in a bundle with a camera at a special price

  • Improved noise reduction for better quality images at high ISOs

  • New Basic Color Editor is compact and easy to use, one-click adjustment of hue, saturation and brightness

  • Revised high dynamic range tools with controls for highlights, shadows, blacks and whites

  • Visible handles in the cropping tool make it easier to achieve the desired image detail

  • Put your favorite tools firmly at the top while scrolling through the other tools

  • Copying layers and masks between photos made easier

  • Support for DNG files

  • Speed up import and export and benefit from a smooth editing workflow

  • Use the wide range of image editing and color correction tools to best realize your creative vision

  • Transfer images via tethering directly while shooting to review or adjust them immediately after capture

  • Save time with the customizable interface and create your own personal workspace

  • Choose the payment method that suits you best - choose to buy a license or a subscription

  • Over 500 supported camera models

  • Via download key, which will be delivered online together with the invoice

Capture One new model

All about Capture One:

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