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Godox Speedlite V1

Item Nr. 30273
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Bundles with Godox Speedlite V1

Godox Speedlite V1 Accessories Kit Sony

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Godox Speedlite V1 + additional battery Sony

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Godox TT685II flash unit

Item Nr. 45083
MSRP* 159,99
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Camera Basics #15: What is bokeh anyway?

The magic of photography has always been characterized by its aesthetics of cropping and the play of light and shadow. The word bokeh comes from the Japanese and translated means as much as "blur" or also the "blurriness".

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Godox Witstro AD200Pro

Item Nr. 23479
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Godox V860III

Item Nr. 42971
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Quickly in the picture with optimal accessories

Brand-name flash units put dark objects in the best light. They create a variety of uses that delight professional photographers and amateurs with sharp images in all lighting conditions. High performance and ease of use are a priority.

Whether single object or panorama shot, still image or motion: The advantage of external auxiliary light over built-in flashes of digital cameras becomes clear in a flash. Attachable flashes inspire with even, complete illumination during the shot and ensure unrestrained creativity. Not only is the center of the image spotlighted, but the entire photograph is given contour and sharpness, so twilight and darkness resemble natural daylight. The pincer flash combines two laterally attached flash units, which ensure particularly vivid optical images. This gives you even more scope for photographic design, for example in nature or macro photography. Ring flashes also optimize the extreme close-up range, allowing semi-professionals and professionals to shoot practically shadow-free images. From Canon to Leica to Sigma, the spectrum of clip-on flashes ranges in brand quality and robust workmanship, with varying levels of performance.

A maximum guide number of 52 at ISO 100, for example, is offered by Metz technology for Canon or Sony, which, in conjunction with the respective aperture value, allows efficient illumination. The clip-on flashes from Fujifilm and Nissin also achieve standard ranges with guide numbers around 50 and thus flexible power levels, depending on the distance to the subject. A sturdy metal base or hot shoe with quick-release lock guarantees nimble mounting in no time at all. An additional plus of all high-quality clip-on flashes, such as those from Cullmann, H?hnel or Nikon, are technical extras such as USB interfaces, swivel reflectors or OLED displays - the result is photos with perfect brightness.

Not all flash shoes are the same!

Each brand uses its own technology for connecting flash units, this connection of these is called hot shoe. Most cameras have one thing in common, the center contact in the hot shoe, this can be used by most flash units, so it is possible to use an exposure time of maximum 1/200 to 1/250. If the flash unit supports the TTL or iTTL function, you have to pay attention to which brand the flash unit supports. Since there is no uniform standard for this, Sony, Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm do not have a uniform contact and protocol when using TTL or HSS. A common hot shoe is shared by Olympus & Panasonic.
Other names of TTL: E-TTL, i-TTL, P-TTL.

The hot shoe is now used not only for the flash, they are now also used to exchange data for other accessories, such as microphones.

Advantages of clip-on flashes

  • Small construction factor
  • Battery or rechargeable battery operated
  • flexible use
  • indirect illumination possible